RulesSection Rules

  1. Squash bookings are for sessions of 45 minutes, as detailed on the booking page.
  2. Courts may be booked by squash members by selecting their name and the name of their opponent for the session required. Advance bookings by full-members may be made up to two weeks ahead.
  3. Lights are turned on by operating the switches opposite the door to Squash Court 2. Please turn the lights off when finished!
  4. Please wear only indoor non-marking court shoes and use a serviceable racket (see the pictures to the right if unsure).
  5. The booking PC in the balcony also controls the heaters. It will turn on the heaters up to 90 minutes before a booking to ensure the courts are up to temperature at the start of the session.
  6. Sessions are governed by the time displayed on the balcony radio-controlled clocks.
  7. Courts booked in advance must be cancelled if not required, so that other members may use them.
  8. Courts which are not occupied 10 minutes after the start of any session are available for use by other members, notwithstanding that they may have been booked. Late arrival may thus result in forfeiture.
  9. There are no light fees for squash members. However, there is a guest fee of £3.50 per session (£2.50 off peak) which should be collected by the member from the guest, and put in the box in the balcony in the provided envelope. This will be checked off against the booking by one of the officers later.
  10. It is fraudulent to avoid payment of Guest fees.
  11. Free visiting membership is available to England Squash and Racketball individual members on payment of the usual Guest fees.
  12. Guests who play more frequently than once a fortnight should consider becoming full members.
  13. Under no circumstances may the courts be used for any purpose other than for playing Squash or Racketball, in accordance with the rules of the game, and with appropriate equipment and balls.
  14. Players using the squash courts do so at their own risk.