Training on the Water – General

RowSafe – BR Safety Advice for Rowers, Clubs & Competitions –

RowSafe 2021

The decision to go afloat rests with the individual or crew.  No criticism will be faced by anyone unwilling to row when they believe it is unsafe to do so


All river outings at ERC must be formally risk assessed by the person in charge (normally the coach) using the Water Training/Outing procedure, including the Rowing Safety Matrix for Supervised or Unsupervised Outings. That person must, as a minimum, sign the outing book (in the main boathouse) to confirm this has been done.

The Water Training/Outing Procedure can be downloaded here

If the outing is unsupervised the procedure outlined must be followed. The Procedure can be downloaded here

The formal risk assessment form for unsupervised boat outings can be downloaded here

The formal risk assessment form for supervised outings can be downloaded here

Additional safety information for anyone steering a boat can be downloaded here


Use Your Common Sense – If in Doubt then Don’t Go Out



Club Rules

EVE ROWING Rule Book 2019


Flood Plan

ERC flood plan


River Levels

The data displayed below, is recorded at 15 minute intervals by the Environment Agency and sent to the website typically twice per day. On some occasions, especially during flooding, when data is retrieved more frequently, the website will be updated more often.

  • Where the current level is shown at 1.07m or more, it would indicate that river levels at Evesham Rowing Club are on the RED safety post marker, where rowing is not permissible.
  • In all cases, Members and competitors should check with the Safety Officer if in doubt.