Court Bookings


Booking a Court

Courts are available for online booking by all club members subject to the court booking guidelines which can be found here. (link to the page on the website – see page below)

To access and use the system a Clubspark account will be required. Please note that members with an LTA account can use these details to login to Clubspark and therefore do not need to create a dedicated Clubspark account.

Members with a tennis only membership will be sent an invitation by email directly from the Clubspark system requesting that a Clubspark account is created. Please check your emails for this invitation. If no email is received, or you are an Evesham Rowing Club member that wishes to use the booking system, please click here.

Click here to book a court

Click here to book a court


Court booking guidelines

All Evesham Rowing Club club members, regardless of their membership type, have an equal right to book courts under the guidelines specified below. The following ‘group’ events will be entered into the booking system in advance to avoid contention with individual court bookings (in order of priority):

  1. Club social tennis sessions
  2. League fixtures
  3. Club ladies and men’s team nights
  4. Group coaching sessions
  5. Club tournaments (weekend only)
  6. Cardio tennis (to be conducted on tarmac courts only)

Acrylic courts 1 and 2 must be vacated at the beginning of any club group event.

During club social sessions, members are requested to ensure that any waiting players are invited onto a court if spare spaces are available. Any changes to the date and timing of existing pre-booked events (e.g. league matches) must respect and avoid existing individual member bookings when being re-scheduled

All courts are released for booking up to 14 days in advance

The booking system is divided into peak time hours and off-peak hours

Peak-times are:

  • Monday to Friday from 19:00 onwards
  • Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 12:00 (play starting at 13:00 is off-peak)
  • All other times are considered to be off-peak
  • Time slots are one hour in duration
  • The system will allow an individual member to book up to TWO slots on a single day
  • At peak times, a playing player cannot be involved in more than two consecutive time slots even if the time slots are booked by an opponent in singles or separate players from the doubles partnership. This rule does not apply at off peak times
  • Players may use a free court if available but must vacate immediately should players arrive that have booked the court via the system or who are arriving for a pre-booked group event
  • At peak times, individual coaching sessions of NON MEMBERS should be booked on either of the two tarmac courts closest to the clubhouse unless both are already pre-booked.


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